My primary care physician referred me to Dik Drug Infusion Pharmacy in Scottsdale in April of 2015 for a Venofer infusion required before major neurosurgery could be performed.

As this was the first of this type of procedure for me, I was somewhat apprehensive. When I arrived for the first infusion session, the procedure was explained in detail, my questions answered and I started the first of a four-hour session for each of the next three consecutive days. Because of the knowledge, competency and compassion of the staff at DiK, I needn’t have been concerned and actually had a much more pleasant experience than originally anticipated. The staff monitored me continually throughout the infusions and I received follow-up telephone calls even after my subsequent surgery.

Since I will no doubt require future Venofer infusions, Dik Drug Infusion Pharmacy will be my first and only choice. There are not adequate words to express my appreciation for the care I received at this facility.

- Liz McMichael
August 15, 2015
Peoria, Arizona

Thanks to Dik's owner Angie and her professional, friendly, and caring staff for managing a beautiful ambient home-like setting. As well as providing me this unique opportunity to experience Dik's cutting-edge infusion treatment. These treatments has immensely improved my many chronic and pain illnesses. I haven't had any massive uncontrollable flare-ups nor hospitalizations, since I've been undergoing these ongoing treatment regimens. The quality of my life is ascending and for that, I feel very blessed and grateful. My gratitude goes to Dik sincerely for your dedication to raising the bar in infusion treatment care, you have been the best! Thanks again, it has been a win-win!

- Luvicy Frank-Noah