For those of us that have been in the industry for decades, everything seems simple and easy. But to a patient, everything is new, scary, and even overwhelming. Even for patients that are healthcare professionals, have some anxiety when performing their own infusions. Everything looks very different from the patient’s side of the bed. It is our goal at Dik Drug Infusion Pharmacy to search out the simplest systems in an effort to make a patient’s infusion as easy and stress free as possible.

One of those systems we are excited about is access to a device called the SPRINGFUSOR

Dik Drug Infusion Pharmacy is a family owned business that has a history going back over three generations. The Dik founders and their clinical staff have a belief that every patient must be provided with highest quality medical care possible. Our medical professionals and caring compassionate staff fully understand what is needed to make that high level quality care a reality. Our patient focused mission can only be accomplished by experienced and qualified professionals with the absolute desire to meet patient needs by delivering on the directives as prescribed by their physicians.

The Dik Drug Infusion Standard of Care Excellence is accomplished by:

Maximize your nursing staff’s time with this innovate device A simple, portable infusion pump designed to slowly deliver drugs

This slow push spring loaded syringe infuser is low-cost and convenient way to deliver drugs to patients without constant nursing supervision.

Set up the Springfusor, attach to the patient and allow for the slow-push mechanism to deliver medication from antibiotics to narcotics. The design of the Springfusor eliminates extravasation which causes the patient discomfort and can lead to further treatment.

Other key features are:

  • Quality Assurance in medication delivery
  • A “slow push” is always a “slow push”
  • Lightweight and portable – patients are ambulatory and requires no power source.
  • Flexible – comes in 10ml & 30ml to suit differing uses
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use – no complex training or programming required

This product is to be used in conjunction with its accessory Flow Control Tubing (FCT). Designed specifically to be used with the Springfusor, FCT controls the rate of infusion during the “slow push” delivery. Available in rates ranging from 10ml in 5 minutes to 30ml in 60 minutes