Scope of our Services


To provide a description of type of care/services offered for distribution to patients, caregivers, personnel and he community.

  • DikDrug has the capability of providing the therapies and services outlined in this policy.
  • The executive management team develops DikDrug scope of services. Services are reviewed and approved at least annually.
  • Additional therapies/services may be added to the categories as they become available or as indications are supported through current research and literature.
  • DikDrug services all Maricopa Country in Arizona including Federal land/service areas (VA, etc.)
  • Patients/caregivers will be provided with a description of scope of services, financial responsibility, contact information, eligibility criteria (see policy) and hours of operation prior to upon initiation of services and documented in the patient record.
  • Charges or client/patient responsibility for service/care and/or products will be made available before or at time or delivery. If unavailable, client/patient will be notified of “unable to verify” status prior to delivery.
  • Personnel and the community will be provided with DikDrug scope of services.
Pharmacy hours of operation:
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.
Excluding Holidays
Ambulatory Infusion Suite hours of operation:
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.
Excluding Holidays
Other times of operation are available by appointment, based upon patient need and/or therapy requirements
  • Drug monitoring
  • Supervision of dispending process
  • Medication Consultation & Education
  • Disease State Management
  • Care Planning
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Communication with prescribing practitioner
  • Coordination with nursing
  • Consultation to staff and referral sources
  • In-services to healthcare providers
  • Other duties as applicable for the provision of therapies
Infusion Nursing Services:

The focus of specialty Infusion Nursing is medication administration, access device maintenance and patient education. However, infusion nursing includes general nursing scope of practice as well as high tech specialty skills. DikDrug nurses are responsible for all aspects of nursing care and ancillary services adherence to professional nursing.

  • Certified Registered Nurses of Infusion (CRNI)
  • Certified Oncology Nurses (ONC)
  • Pre-facility discharge evaluation
  • Patient assessment
  • Patient/caregiver education and training
  • Access device management
  • Medications: monitoring and administration
  • Ongoing monitoring of patient self-care
  • Documentation of compliance
  • Blood draws and communication/evaluation of lab results
  • Infusion pumps, maintenance and supplies
  • Infection control
  • Coordination with other providers
  • Arrange for ancillary services
  • Rehabilitation concepts
  • Communication with prescribing practitioner
  • Coordination with pharmacy staff
  • In-services to community healthcare provides
  • Consultation to staff, patients and referral sources
  • Other duties as applicable for the provision of therapies
24 Hours on-Call Pharmacy/Nursing/HME Care available 363 days/year:

Full Pharmacy/Nursing/HME services are available during in-call hours of operation. However, priority of patient needs will be considered when coordinating on-call hour care.

  • Therapies
    • DikDrug Therapies may include:
      • Anti-infective therapies
      • Inotropic/Cardiovascular
      • Steroids
      • Thrombolytic
      • Antihistamines
      • Biologic response modifiers
      • Immunoglobulin
      • Hemotherapy, including treatment of hemophilia
  • Services
    • DikDrug provides Home and Alternate Site: Pharmacy Services, Specialty Pharmacy Services, Infusion Nursing Services, Infusion Suite Services, and Registered Dietician Services. Other services include, Coordination with Ancillary Providers and Insurance Providers as necessary for the provision of care.
    • Goals of Services
      • Completion of service/Therapy as ordered by prescriber
      • Facilitate positive outcomes of service and maintain patient safety
      • Provide evidenced based quality services while maintaining cost efficiency
    • Pharmacy serivvces: Infusion Pharmacy, Specialty pharmacy & First Dose Pharmacy.
      • Pharmacy order process
      • Evaluation of lab results & Pharmacokinetics
      • Clinical assessment
    • Infusion Suite Services:
      • Pharmacy
      • Infusion Nursing
      • Nutrition Center
      • Media Center
      • Concierge Services
      • Music Therapy
    • Registered Dietician Services:
      • Nutritional Assessment
      • On-going monitoring
      • Patient/caregiver education
      • In-services
    • Delivery Services:
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Supplies
    • Coordination with Ancillary Providers:
      • Home Health Skilled Nursing
      • Physical Therapy
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Speech Therapy
      • Medical Social worker
      • Home Health Aide / Personal Care Worker
      • Homemaker
      • Hospice
      • Nursing Facilities
      • Interventional Radiology
      • Dialysis Centers
      • Wound Clinics
    • Insurance Authorization and Billing:
      • Verification of benefits
      • Obtain insurance prior authorization
      • Determine patient’s financial responsibility
      • Billing processes: Insurance carrier/ patient
      • Collection