Patients & Caregivers

Everyone faced with the complex therapies needed to treat difficult chronic health care issues require the utmost support from family, friends and our health care professionals. Health care institutions can be very large and impersonal. The Dik Drug professional staff have decades of experience and understand very well our patient's needs. Dik Drug’s history and culture has been focused entirely on making our patients feel comfortable and at home.

  • Our staff, clinic, and pharmacy are all credentialed and licensed by the State of Arizona.
  • Our modern infusion home-like clinic is designed for patient comfort and privacy.
  • Our clinic scheduling process is designed to ensure patients are treated without waiting.
  • Our home-like clinic setting offers patients the opportunity to surf the internet, watch TV, access to a computer, and even a piano.
  • We can provide / coordinate transportation support to the clinic and return you to your home.
  • Refreshments and snacks are provided for patients receiving infusions in our home-like clinic setting.
  • For those patients requiring in home infusion care we are able to provide all the necessary medications and ancillary supplies.
  • For home infusion patients we will also coordinate nursing and other necessary services to complete the patient’s treatment.
  • To ensure the best treatment therapy outcomes possible our staff monitors your therapy using current best practice protocols.
  • We communicate your therapy progress to your doctors.
  • Your encounter and infusion progress is tracked in our state of the art electronic medical record system.
  • We provide training and information to family members who will be supporting patients at home.
  • Your well-being is our mission!