About us

Dik Drug Infusion Pharmacy is a family owned business that has a history going back over three generations. The Dik founders and their clinical staff have a belief that every patient must be provided with highest quality medical care possible. Our medical professionals and caring compassionate staff fully understand what is needed to make that high level quality care a reality. Our patient focused mission can only be accomplished by experienced and qualified professionals with the absolute desire to meet patient needs by delivering on the directives as prescribed by their physicians.

The Dik Drug Infusion Standard of Care Excellence is accomplished by:

  • ACHC – Accreditation Commission for Health Care
  • URAC – Utilization Review Accreditation Commission – In Progress These two recognized industry accreditation organizations apply measurable standards to all facets of the infusion pharmacy business. These standards are designed to ensure on a continuing basis the health care services provided are at the highest quality levels. A licensed experienced clinical and specialty team.
  • Following current best practices for each drug therapy administered.
  • Providing an immediate infusion scheduling process.
    • Face to face communications with the patient and their caregivers covering;
    • A case management review for each patient’s specific therapy.
    • A review of expected infusion times and possible side effects.
    • Coaching on special nutrition requirements as needed.
    • Reviewing and verifying their specific insurance coverage.
    • Our clinicians are available 7 days a week, 24 hours each day.
    • Ensuring our patient’s privacy and their medical records are secure.
    • Providing at home therapy options as appropriate.
    • Our ongoing communication process with their physicians on their progress.
    • Providing medical home care training for family and caregivers as needed.
    • Medication counseling with our specialty pharmacist.
    • Providing / arranging transportation to clinic and home when needed.